Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More bike :)

Supposed to have a 20min bike TT this morning. Opted to ride w/some friends and see if it covered the workout. I should mention that, of the group that showed up, they are all pretty speedy. Meaning, they are a whole lot faster than I. Ridiculously so. In total, I rode for about  1:15, including about 25 min of commuting to and from Haines Point. I did 2.5 big laps of the Point with the total working ride being about 13 miles. Not entirely sure how it all worked out, but the average cruising/paceline speed was around 23-4ish and during the 3 sprints of about .5 mile each I saw 32mph, 29mph, and 31mph. I was definitely feeling last nights squats- yowza. 250 situps for time tonight.

1 comment:

  1. I ditto your Yowza - totally feeling my thrusters even in the legs even though it is not a full squat.

    How is your foot?