Monday, April 5, 2010

Back from spring break w/the daugther and wife, and I really hate tourists.

Lots of working out over spring break, although I was a bit off plan having to substitute workouts and didn't record most of them. But, today:

Bike: 1 min effort, 30 sec rest, repeat 20X. Averaged right at 21mph.

7 back squats, 5 rounds coming up shortly. ETA: 185#, 185#, 205#, 225#, 245#. Should have gone heavier earlier. Probably could have done more at the end, but w/no spotter I erred on the side of not collapsing w/ 245# on my back.

*rant warning*

What the hell is it with the tourists that are in DC for the cherry blossoms this year? Look, I'll put up with your need to step out in front of me while biking/running, your inability to navigate a admittedly confusing city by car, your inability to navigate an extremely easy to use metro system, your obvious personal indifference to diet/exercise that has led to your state of near-morbid obesity, and your general obliviousness, but what I will not put up with is the amount of trash/littering you have left all over the National Mall and the Monuments. I just finished my ride this morning at Haines Point and rode back home along the Mall to catch a glimpse of the sun rising over the Capitol. The place looks like the picture of the farmer's field after Woodstock just ended- WTF?! There are trash cans all over the place- use them. If they are full, carry your empty big gulp to the next one. You are not too good to hang on to a candy wrapper until you find a somewhere to discard it. I swear to God the next person I see drop something on the ground is going to get it thrown back into their face, possibly followed shortly by my fist. If they look under 18 and are waddling along w/their parents, dad better look out. Have a little respect for your environment- it really isn't that hard.


  1. Hey Mike,

    Super strong on the squats. Good job. When I see people litter, I sometimes pick it up and tell them they dropped it. They usually look at me all funny, then take it and put it in the garbage.

  2. Pretty disrespectful to our Capitol city too! Even if I don't agree with idiots who run the place (and I don't), I still respect the significance and the history of our great Capitol.