Tuesday, June 8, 2010

45 min TT- Bike

When in doubt, head to Hains Point. First test ride on the race setup- Zipp 808's and new Sidi's. Covered either a little more than 5 1/2 laps, averaging right around 24 mph, or 6 1/2 laps averaging 27mph. Like an idiot, I forgot to mount a magnet on my rear 808, so I had to do the math and I lost count.  Assuming it was 24mph, I was actually hoping to get another mph or so, but there was a fairly stiff wind on the back straight, so I'll be happy with it. If it was 27mph, I'm ecstatic.

My foot held up fine with the new shoes, and I love the sound of those wheels. All in all, a pretty good ride.


  1. 808 are really great tools! Do you have Vittoria Pitstops (hate to talk about flats, but backups are always good ideas...)

  2. I love my Zipps. Yes, they set us back, but I don't think any of us regret it. I was duking it out with someone on the bike at Rev3 and finally pulled away from him on a flat section (not that there were many) and never saw him again until the run. When he passed me in the run we talked a little bit and joked about the bike. I told him he might be able to beat me, but he was not going to beat my Zipps. Ironically we duked it out on the run as well - first I was ahead, them him, then me and finally him until the end. It was fun!

    I think you are ready for IMCDA. Your bike is really strong and I have positive vibes about your run.