Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I need sleep

T-19 days. For those of you who don't know (which is probably all of you), in addition to this little IM thing, the wife and I are in the process of prepping a condo for sale (dealing with tenants, playing general contractor, cleaning and fixing like there is no tomorrrow), trying to sell a boat, going to school (finished my last paper for the year a little after midnight last night- giddyup), reserve duty, packing for a trip to Italy (leave tomorrow but haven't actually packed anything yet. mental note- find passports today), and need to have our bikes and bags dropped off for shipping by TBT before we leave tomorrow. Oh, and somewhere in here we actually have to work. It's been a bit crazy lately, to say the least.

So with that, here's whats going on:

I had reserve duty this past weekend out of state, and I couldn't bring my bike. I did find a 50m pool though, so that was awesome. DC also opened up the outdoor 50m pool at HP last weekend. All of a sudden it feels like I can actually swim. Swam 1000m (not yards) on Sat, and then did my 4x400m in 8:02, 8:17, 8:17, my last one was cut short when they pulled us out for thunder- it wound up being 200m in just over 4min.

Yesterday I had 5x5 back squats. My foot has been acting up, so I kept it light- all 5 sets at 185#.

Lots of "stuff going on with the bike as I try and figure out a comfortable set-up. Using only water and gel, and with water points every 10 miles on the course I really don't need to carry bottle cages beyond my aero bottle. I think I am going to opt for gel flasks (1 on the bike, 2 on me, refresh at special needs), so really, as long as I can come up with a satisfactory way to carry my spare tubular/CO2/razor blade, I can take the rear bottle holder off. Still working on it...

On Sunday I had my cleats mounted to my new Sidi's and a final bike fitting to correct any imbalances. The shoes feel great and I'm praying they are more friendly to my foot. I had a Zipp emergency yesterday- after having my tires re-glued I took off my DA 12-25 cassette to replace with my SRAM 11-23. When I did, I noticed that the DA had put some pretty significant grooves into the freewheel, enough so that the SRAM wouldn't mount. After a quick trip to the bike shop (I get a little nervous working on race wheels) and a lot of filing and banging w/a plastic mallet, the problem was solved. Brought it home, mounted it up, cleaned and adjusted the bike, and will get it out for a test ride this afternoon.

And then I will nap (after packing and eating, of course).


  1. I am tired just reading this - sounds like all is in order for everything you have in progress though.

  2. Me too... and I tought I had a busy life... Thank you for sharing with us your schedule, now I feel less tired, but also need to sleep more. I wish I can leave close to you to help you to do things... keep it up!