Thursday, January 28, 2010

I broke my f'in foot!

Well, actually I'm not sure if I broke it. Remember that clicking in my toe I was bitching about a few posts ago? No? Well then you should pay closer attention because I was, in fact, whining like a little girl. So here's the scoop and what I think happened. Months and months ago I was on my boat, and jumped down onto a wooden dock. It's possible that there was some alcohol involved, and that I landed all wonky on my right foot. So... I hobbled around for a few days until it felt better and didn't think about it again. Until now. So this clicking thing started in my toe a few weeks ago. Then, a few days ago when I was doing my 10k TT on the treadmill with the incline, it really started to hurt. And I mean hurt. The last 10 min of that run were excruciating. But even afterward I was fine walking around on it, until I got home and took my shoe off. I took one step forward and almost folded onto the ground. It got a little better over the next day, but every time I walk around without the support of a shoe it feels like I have a broken piece of glass at the base of the toe, where it connects to that jumble of bones in the forefoot. Very odd because when I am wearing a shoe it is barely noticeable. Anyway, I'm seeing the sports medicine witch-doctor guy tomorrow and will let you know what the diagnosis is.


  1. Mike, I hope it's nothing serious - my stress fracture was in my toe and you wouldn't think that a toe could cause so much trouble!!! fingers crossed for you

  2. Good luck tomorrow Mike. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.