Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why do people avoid the gym on Thursdays?

It's a phenomenon I'll never understand, but very much appreciate. The gym-going masses of days past were non-existent.

Today's effort was what my HS track coach called "The Stairway to Heaven": 200-rest-400-rest-800-rest-800-rest-400-rest-200. Normally I'd try and find a track to do this, or at the very least strap on the Garmin and run laps around the reflecting pool at the National Mall, but since I have a hard time running outside when the temps are this low I headed to the treadmills again. Pretty straightforward overall- 10 min warm up,  6 min/mile pace through second 400, and then hit the limit on the 'mill (which I just found out is 12mph, or 5:00min/mi) for the last 200. I think I had more to give, but it was a little challenging trying to maintain the effort, play with the treadmill buttons and keep my balance. I can't be known as "the guy who fell off the treadmill". I'd much prefer to be known as "he who wields the hammer of the Gods" (heh- I like that. Gonna have to put that on a t-shirt someday).

In other news I definitely strained my left calf yesterday. It was very noticeable on todays run, but not a hindrance. I "think" it is causing me to unconsciously throw my gait off- my entire posterior chain is more tight than usual, and my left knee was a bit sore after the run. I'll make sure to keep moving/stretching throughout the day (as opposed to sitting at my desk for 8-10 hours) and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Also, the "ring toe" on my right foot is "clicking" when I run. Not painful, but really annoying. Anyone have any thoughts on that one?

And yes Haley, I got a new bike :-) Since the P3C fit Liz so well, I gave that to her and had to find something for me (I know. I'm a giver) :


  1. I do love me the P3C. You are such a giver.

  2. Such a giver. How thoughtful of you.