Tuesday, January 26, 2010

People are all looking at me because I'm walking funny.

Sorry Max- it's been too long. To bring my loyal readers up to date (both of you- hi mom and dad :-) Last Wed I woke up in the middle of the night w/a pretty significant fever which knocked me out until Sat. Not feeling entirely 100% I decided to test the waters with a little 20 mile bike ride. Honestly, it was also a gorgeously sunny, if not chilly, day outside and I REALLY needed to justify the exorbitant cost of a pair of Castelli cycling tights I bought in Nov but had yet to wear (they absolutely f-in rock, btw). Anyway- it turned out to be a great ride and my condition continued to improve. Not wanting to relapse I made the command decision to limit myself to 1 workout per day until today. So... Sun I hit the pool for my 6x100 on 4min rest. I was so proud of myself, consistently lapping between 1:26 and 1:30 per hundred. The last time I did something similar I was averaging around 1:50ish, and I was all "Crossfit rocks, yo". Then I realized it was time to crush my enthusiasm about my awesomeness and ask someone if the pool was short. They couldn't say definitively, but the general consensus is that, yes, it is short. Dammit. Oh well. Yesterday turned out to be a wash (damn you work, damn you).

Which brings me to today. A 10k TT, on the treadmill, at 5% incline. Lets see... a 10k flat should take me a ~45 min, add in the incline and... maybe 50-55min tops. Heh, I'm funny. So I included my warm-up in the run because of the gym's time limits on the 'mill, and began running a nice and slow10min pace, increasing 1% grade every 2 min. At 10 min I was at 5%, and had a slight feeling that I might not be running this thing as quickly as I initially thought. 10 min later I knew, just like a gov't timeline, my initial assessment was shall we say "optimistic".  At this point I'd like to pause and point out that a girl came in and took the 'mill to my right. She placed her cappuccino in the cup holder (not a coffee, but a foamy, frothy cappuccino), started walking, and made a phone call. At 6:45 am. Seriously? So, being the workout snob I am, this incensed me to no end. I was brought back to reality a minute later when I realized the 5% grade now felt like I was running up El Capitan. And so it went, until I finished in 1:03. And now here I sit, waiting for the inevitable cramps that will have my co-workers thinking I am going through some type of drug withdrawal, or possibly giving birth.


  1. I just did this workout. It was very painful. No one was drinking cappuccino next to me, but I did not see much sweating going on - that's o.k. though as I was sweating enough for 10 people.

  2. I can't believe the fact that your wife - in between workouts -loveingly made you chicken soup with matzo was not mentioned. Pshaw.