Monday, January 11, 2010

OMG, Snookie got into another fight!

So, for those who don't know, I am a Marine Corps reservist and just had a drilling weekend. As you might expect, the Corps is pretty athlete friendly. 3 hr lunches to get in a workout- no problem. Unfortunately it was not to be this weekend, hence the blogging gap and more importantly 2 missed workouts. But...

This morning came all too early. Liz was up at 0440 to make it to her CF class, and since I worked all weekend, I decided the luxury of an extra hour of sleep was well earned. So at 5:45ish I wandered downstairs with cycling shorts in hand, lathered up the nether region with chamois butter, and hopped on the trainer for my 12x 1mi intervals on 1min rest.  I warmed up for about 10 mins while searching for something to watch, and was relieved to find that TiVo had recorded 2 episodes of "Jersey Shore" (stop. right now. don't judge me). I knocked out the workout in 50:41 and then hobbled into the kitchen for coffee and recovery drink. (I heart good coffee).

Depending on the situation at the gym tonight, I may swap "Helen" for my missed ERG/push-up workout from yesterday.

Thought for the day: "Jersey Shore" is fantastic trainer fodder. Similar to a 100% effort workout, it just hurts to watch. I think that equates to extra calories burned, which means I really gave more than 100%. Also, I will no longer be telling people I grew up in Jersey. As far as everyone out there is concerned I grew up "just outside Princeton".


  1. 1. I am judging you
    2. Jersey shore makes me stabby

  2. Thanks for your service in the Marine Corps, Mike! Your posts crack me up :)

    BTW, how did you get that counter on your blog? Like, Jane, I've been trying to get one to work to no avail.