Monday, February 22, 2010

May have screwed this one up?

So, after almost a week of missed workouts due to convalescing child and travel, I jumped right back on the horse this morning. Read the workout last night (cycling)- Bike 1 mile, rest same time, bike 2 miles, rest same time, etc, up to 5 miles and then back down. A typical "ladder of pain" based on distance instead of time. My wifes alarm went off at 0445 for her x-fit class, and I began to marinate over the workout as I failed to fall back asleep waiting for my 0530 wake-up. Lets see... 20mph on the trainer (optimistically), a total of 30 miles for the workout = 1.5 hours, plus that same time in rest = 3 hours, plus warm-up and cool-down = 3.5 hours... no friggin way this was going to happen before work, and not even my combined TiVo'd Olympic coverage and Jersey Shore repeats could help me make it through 3.5 hours on the trainer without the serious contemplation of, well, some not very nice things. Snookie would have most definitely wound up with another black eye. So during the 45 minutes of sleep I lost waiting for my alarm I convinced myself this must be a typo, or at the very least a misplaced weekend workout (my ability to justify things in that pseudo-awake state is truly impressive), and opted to replace the miles with minutes in order to fit it in before work. I wound up with a nice excruciating 60 min main set, but still feel like I cheated myself out of the other 2.5 hours.

Incidentally, my front deraillure slipped down and would not allow me to ride in the big ring. Not wanting to get out of the workout zone I made a quick fix without re-positioning the cable and screwing around w/the limit screws. Normally I would permanently fix this myself post-workout, but as I was down there I noticed another issue. When I bought the bike it came w/full SRAM Red, to include the rear cassette. I had the dealer swap the cassette to the gearing I liked, and just realized they replaced it with a generic brand, which may explain some of my mis-shifting. Not for nothing, but given the cost of Red, I'm going back and making an issue of it. And while they are re-swapping out the cassette, they can tune up and re-torque the bike. Dammit :)


  1. Your choice of going with minutes instead of miles was a wise one. I believe you did it right! Good job - sorry you had to go through all that stress about cheating yourself!

  2. I did a workout like that in the summer at HP but didn't do the mental calculations before riding over there. I think it was 5 x(1mi, rest, 2mi, rest, 5mi, rest) resting the time it takes you to do the distance. I was doing long loops at HP, but once I finished the first 1 and 2 miles I realized there was no way I would finish and get to work on time. Managed to squeak out 3 but cut it close as the end of the 5th mile came as I was 2blocks from home. Great workout. Can't imagine doing it on the trainer.