Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The pool is finally open again

Actually, it probably re-opened last week but I was out of town. Apparently the news got out because there were 4 or 5 people per lane as soon as it opened at 0630. I do appreciate the need for the aqua-walker-aerobic-non-swimmer types to have some space, but do they really need to close off 3 lanes worth of real estate for 2 people? I'll never get that. Anywho... Warmed up with a 10min brisk walk to the pool and 2x50, and then set in. For a 1000yd TT.  1st 500 in 7:56, second in 9:11, for a total of 17:06. Not too bad, relatively speaking.

Fran tonight.

ETA- Damn. Fran (that evil b*tch) kicked my ass. Suspect it had to do with my lackluster diet today, combined with those ridiculous ergonomic pull-up handles that allow neither kipping nor adjusting hand position, but I had little to work with in the tank. Finished in 15:10.  

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