Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reality can be a bitch sometimes.

40k TT. 10 min warm-up, and then set in for the ride. My HR gradually creeped up, from 140ish to 150ish @ 10k (where I also had an e-gel) to the 160's around 30k, and finally finished in the mid-170's. Total time 1:25:13.

Thought for the day: I absolutely love the winter Olympics.  From the time I was able to walk I've been skiing, and for someone who is from the East coast, I was pretty damned good back in the days of Bill Johnson and the Mahre brothers. I still jokingly blame my failure to make the US team on my parents for not sending me to a downhill training camp I wanted to attend at Whistler-Blackcomb when I was in my early teens. (You reading this mom and dad :-) I Tivo'd the opening ceremonies to use on the trainer this morning, so I didn't know about the Georgian luge athlete who died on the course yesterday until I was riding. It was a very sobering moment for me, and is still resonating hours after the 10 min spot on NBC's coverage.  Knowing what I (we) go through as pure amateurs to realize my (our) goals and thinking about what he must have gone through to be recognized as one of the worlds best- watching him crash and his life end in a split second was heartbreaking. I'm not a religious person, but if I was my prayers would be going out to his family, friends, and team.

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  1. First, I hope you are on the road to recovery. Second, I agree with your comments about the Olympics - I also dvr'd the opening ceremonies,well, the last 90 minutes. It is extremely inspiring. We all think we put out life on hold for 7-8 months to train for an IM, but these 'kids' put their life on hold for 4 years - granted, they probably don't have jobs, but 4 years to then not even qualify, or have a life ending accident - unbelievable. Definitely puts things in perspective!
    Nice bike by the way!