Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowmageddon, SnOMG, Snowpocalypse, or whatever else you want to call it.

Apologies to all- I haven't had a chance to see what anyone else has been up to before I'm writing this, so forgive me if I'm re-stating the obvious about how much this weather does not foster training. At least not here in DC where I'm not sure if the local gov't can distinguish dealing with some snow from an all out invasion from outer space. Meaning whatever form of media you choose to watch/listen/read, there is only one story- how debilitating the snow is. Now don't get me wrong. I love this. Absolutely love it (and so do Liz and Moose). But, the pool is closed (I couldn't get there anyway), running outside is a non-starter (even if my foot was healed), and unfortunately my internet still works so I have been putting in 10+ hour workdays when the rest of my social circle is off sledding, drinking, or whathaveyou (I REALLY need a new job. Seriously). That said...

Today was 4 rounds of 25# kb swings (21x) and knee's to elbows (21x). The kb swings were no problem. The knees to elbows (k2e), on the other hand- yowza! I made it through the first round fairly intact, but the following 3 rounds were somewhat modified, in that I did them as best I could, but they weren't even close to what the video on th CF site looks like. Actually, it kind of turned into a hanging knee raise. Total time 12:59. I did drop a note in the suggestion box requesting my gym get an actual pull-up bar to augment to two "wide grip ergonomic things" they have attached to two of the universal stations. Those things suck.

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  1. Mike

    Great job on your 4 rounds.

    Interesting that you mentioned the lack of equipment or the crappy equipment that exist in some gyms. I do have that same issue as well. Worse is when the gyms are packed with people, have no idea what they are doing & or are being taken over for large portions of time by the steroid population. In those cases I have to improvise & try to use equipment to mirror the equipment I should be using. Very frustration to say the least.