Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rough couple of days...

So... after 3 States, 1,000 miles of driving, and one night of debaucherous drinking, I'm back in town and should have a schedule relatively uninterrupted by travel for the next several weeks. Workout #1 for the day was a leisurely 15k TT. There is no way I could remain sane for that long on the treadmill, so thank you thank you weather gods for providing a nice warm (if not damp) morning with temps in the low 30's. Suited up in my winter running gear and had my first run outside since before the holidays. Due to time constraints I had to work my warm-up into the first 10min of the run, and then did the best I could for the remainder. I stopped at about 30 min to down an e-Gel (Cherry Bomb- mmmmmmmm...). My route took me from Cap Hill down the Mall to the Lincoln Memorial, across the bridge into Arlington, and then back again. I shorted myself by about 1k and had to add a few loops around the WWII memorial to bring me back into line. All in all it was a good effort for me- avg'd HR was in the mid to high-150's, finishing in 1:24:50. This was the kind of morning when I just feel sad for all those people who live here but don't ever get to see the sun rise over the Capitol. It really is something.

Thought for the day: I had my first run with the Garmin 405. A significant improvement over my 301 as far as satellite acquisition, HR consistency, and size. The display is a bit harder to read in the early morning darkness, but that is strictly due to the size which I just said was a plus. Also, I found that I need to lock the bezel, otherwise I wind up changing the display screen without realizing it. Seems like it will be a great piece of gear as I spend more and more time outside.

ETA- 50 burpee's in 4:37. Ouch.

Also, link to today's run: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/22720917


  1. I couldn't imagine doing a 15k on a treadmill. Glad you had a good run.

  2. what does the "ETA-50 burpees" mean? I know what a burpee is but are you doing them before or after the run and why are you doing burpees? I need to know more about the burpee situation

  3. Sorry for the delay. I need to figure out how to get this thing to auto-notify me. The burpee's were a seperate workout in the same day. Run was in the morning, burpee's at night. As for why I am doing them, you'd have to as Max, but I think it is because he's a sadist.