Thursday, March 11, 2010

As usual, Moose figured it out

Bike 1mile, rest 1 minute, 15X. This did not go as planned. First, the forecast called for rain, so while it was still dark outside I hopped on the trainer. As the sun rose it turned out to be a beautiful near 60 degree morning. Oops. Anywho, after my warm-up I made it through about 6 of the 15 sets and had to call the quits. There was just nothing in my legs. Couldn't quite understand it, and then, after a brief conversation w/Moose I understood. Last night the spousal unit wasn't feeling well- coughing and sneezing. I woke up with itchy eyes and a scratchy throat (but didn't think anything of it). Then, as I was conversing w/Moose I realized his eyes were a bit runny too. Eureka! The massive amounts of moisture from the melting show plus this sudden warm up have led to a mini-bloom of plants and grasses around here. Looks like allergies have come out of no-where. Hydration, vitamin C, and avoiding any kind of refined carbs and I should be good in a day or so.


  1. Thank God you have Moose to help you through the day!

  2. Can you ship moose to Florida? I have a couple of questions before my first 1/2 Ironman.

    Good bike Mike! Question, how you dial up your trainer (I have the same), I mean, how many turns you do after the tire get in touch with the rear cilinder?

    Very Best,