Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Swimming in the rain...

This was one of those mornings where it took every fiber of my being to climb out of bed, get dressed, and walk to the pool in 30 deg weather, overcast and spitting rain. And we were out of coffee. But I did. Slow day at the pool too- only had to circle swim w/3 other people in my lane while the lone water-walker (heh) had fully 1/3 of the pool to herself. Sigh. But... warmed up with 2 x 50 and set in for my prescribed 700yds. Finished in 12:35. Cooled down w/another 50 plus a walk to Perrigrine Coffee for what could possibly be the worlds best cappucino.


  1. Nice job on motivating! Way to get it done

  2. NO COFFEE!!! I would have gone back to bed.

  3. Early morning swims in this weather is so hard that I have avoided them so far. Great job getting to the pool.