Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spin, spun, spent

I really am a workout snob. Seriously- I need a support group. Since my foot still didn't feel up to it I opted for a spin class rather than the prescribed 45 min running TT. I've been to this class before, and the instructor is pretty good. But I can't stand watching people who know nothing about bike geometry, riding position, or what a focused workout really is, just hop on and spin at 130 rpm w/no resistance and their body bouncing all over the place. And the people who feel they need to talk out loud as if they are adding value. Seriously, old guy in the full length spandex and cotton socks- quiet please. I have no idea why I let this irk me, but apparently I do.

Anywho- it was an ass kicker of a workout. Warm-up, max effort 30 sec intervals at 80/90/100/105 rpm (same recovery time), same set at 60 secs, then 90 sec. Cool down and stretch. Broke the 500 watt barrier on most sets, so I consider that a win. Off to find some chamomile tea and calm down...

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  1. Those people drive me nuts, too. I'd join that support group.