Friday, May 21, 2010

Bike Intervals

3 mi, rest 1 min, 6 mi, rest 2 min, 9 mi, rest 3 min, 12 mi.

Rode down to Hains Point as my warm up (~ 3 mi). The wind picked up noticeably throughout the ride, as well as the tour bus traffic. As I'm sure you've noticed, I have a litany of issues that annoy me and tour buses are near the top. They drop their passengers off and then park at the Point for hours with their engines idling (which is illegal), and they often pull out of their spaces with no warning. They drive slower than many of us cycle, and ride in the middle of the 2-lane road due to the tree branches on the sides. I had a moment with one of them today where he was driving very slowly and moved to the right, so I started to pass on the left, and what he was actually doing was swinging wide to make a left turn. As he turned into me I had enough run off to get out of his way. When he finally noticed me in his mirror he clearly didn't care. If I wasn't in the middle of my 12 mi interval he would have lost a mirror. It might be time to start carrying a cement filled water bottle.

3 mi- 7:40 (23.48 mph)
6 mi- 15:50 (22.74 mph)
(eGel and 1 salt stick cap)
9 mi- 24:30 (22.04 mph)
(eGel and salt stick cap)
12mi- 34:20 (20.97)
(salt stick cap)

It was fairly hot out today, around 85ish with matching humidity. I saw a max HR of 165, which is interesting because that is 10 full beats faster than I got during Cindy. I've also started adding my race nutrition in to test out the plan. I drank about 35 oz of water during the ride, and I think that might have been a bit on the light side. Here I am 1.5 hours later and feeling a bit dehydrated. Nice easy spin home along the Mall (~4.5 miles) for a total ride of 37.5mi.

4 hour ride tomorrow morning to continue nutrition testing, as well as make sure my foot can handle the stress. 37 days and counting...


  1. wow! that's some zippy riding Mike! don't even get me started with non friendly biking conditions!

  2. Awesome Riding Mike! I thought I had issues with cars, etc., but it sounds like you have it far worse. Stay safe!