Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday bike

5 min on, 2 off, 4X. Rode down to Hains Point as a warm up, and set in. Avg speeds:

1) 23.8mph
2) 24.9
3) 25.2
4) 24.7

Overall I can't complain with the effort- traffic was fairly light, and I was only held up a bit on my 2nd and 4th laps. Rode back along the mall to take advantage of the first nice afternoon/evening we've had in a while.

I have noticed that my legs have been more fatigued than usual the past week or so. They don't have their usual spring in them when I'm walking up steps, and I'm almost always just a bit sore. Gonna have to take a look at my diet and see what gives. As long as it's not the coffee... :-)

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