Sunday, May 23, 2010

Longish ride

Drove down to Quantico w/the wife and a couple friends to get away from the DC traffic and ride. This place really is a cyclists heaven- good roads, respectful drivers, and once you get away from mainside, almost no traffic. The intent was to test my foot over an extended(ish) ride, as well as get a feel for my nutrition plan. Overall we rode about 50 miles in 2.5 hours over rolling terrain with a few fairly significant climbs/descents. I had pretty decent ride, with the exception of a little residual chafing issue left over from the previous days intervals. I wasn't really sure what to expect since I gave myself a good thrashing 14 hours earlier during the intervals. The good news is that my foot felt fine. I'm feeling a little less confident in the nutrition at the moment. Using the 70-75% of 165+10 as my max hr, I did a good job of keeping my bpm below the 132ish mark, only exceeding it on the climbs. During the time on the bike I consumed an eGel and salt-stick cap every 30 min (separated by about 15 min so I wasn't overloading my stomach all at once) for a total of 300 cal/hr, and about 20-24 oz of water per hour.  For most of the ride I had a a little of a "empty", almost burning feeling in my stomach. Not sure how else to describe it, but by the end of the 2.5 hours I was craving some solid food. Given that nutrition was my limiting factor the first time I went to CdA, I'm a little concerned.

Also, dropped my Zipp 808's off at the shop to get re-glued, and have them pre-stretch, glue, and prep my spare. Need to clean the bike, pick up my cork brake pads (for the carbon rims), and get a bracket for my aero-bottle since my awesome cycling wife wont give up the other one. I heart cycling gear :-)

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