Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Row, Tabata, Coffee, and Moose

Last night- 10k row. Felt a little better than the day before, but still not completely 100%. Warmed up by gradually building for the first 5 min, and finished in 41:23. Meh.

This morning- First, let me just say that 0430 just comes way to early. This feeling is only exascerbated (sp?) when the grinder part of the coffee maker gets all wonky, forcing you to unclog it with your eyes only partially open. Warmed up with 5 min on the ERG (oddly enough, no one had used it since I left it last night :)Then, Tabata of box jumps, push ups, lunges, and sit ups. 8 min of glorious pain.

Afterwards I took Moose to the park to throw the ball a bit before leaving for work. I'm not sure if he appreciates the effort I go through to ensure he has a good romp before I have to leave him, or if he is just pissed at me for getting him up before the sun? I'll just assume he is appreciative. While 0430 does come wayyyy to early, there is something to be said for getting to the office at 7am and leaving by 3pm.

Swim later this afternoon


  1. Sorry I'm not there to help with the morning romps! I miss my boys :(

  2. I really don't know how you get up at 4:30a. Great way to start your day and I salute you!