Thursday, May 20, 2010

My wife is super hot.

While thinking about a title for today's post, she suggested this one. Not being an idiot, I realized that it wasn't really a "suggestion".  Plus, she kinda is :)

Last night I had a 800yd swim. I realized shortly after starting that I did not drink enough water during the day, and was more sore than usual from the last couple of workouts. I wound up finishing in 13:55 (which is really not a bad time for me), but I feel like I could have done better.

This morning I had a 200m row, 1 min rest, x10. I finally took the time to program the ERG, which made doing the workout mentally easy (not trying to look at my running stopwatch and remember rest periods, as well as count the intervals). Finished in a total of 16:30 (avg'd 1:42ish per 200).

Thought for the day: if you think your Jammers are getting a bit see through and nearing time for replacement, they probably are. (I'm talking about you, heavyset hairy guy in lane 3).


  1. Mike,
    Glad you did not post a picture of the hairy guy in lane 3! Nice work on the WOD's. I am sure you are going to kill IMCdA!

  2. No kidding about the picture, I was thinking, ugh, Gross! And I am w/you - more sore than usual from the past few days activities. Good job.

  3. good job and thanks for do not post pictures!