Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday Recap

Had to get my 20kTT in early on Sat to head up to spend the rest of the weekend w/my wife, mother, and daughter in NJ. Hopped on the bike and headed out to Haines Point. Holy wind, batman! Of course, the way the point is set up, you get the full brunt of the wind when you are heading into it, and only half the benefit when you have it at your back. *sigh*. There were times when I was pushing 30mph plus with the wind, and 17 or 18 going into it. Grr. Wound up finishing in 34:55.

Another 20kTT this afternoon, followed by Fran. This should be fun...


  1. That wind on Saturday was unforgiving!! We also had rain which was outright dangerous. Good job Mike on the TT & battling the adverse weather.