Monday, May 3, 2010

Miss me?

So, it's been a few weeks. A new role at work combined with training, school, and Reserve duty has me busy from morning until night and is SERIOUSLY cutting into my social networking. Without trying to re-cap every workout, the big news is that this past weekend I had to take my physical fitness test for the Corps. Normally it's just another day, but since my foot is still broken and I haven't ran in several months, I was more than a little concerned about aggravating it 7 weeks out from the race. So... good news: while I can still very definitely "feel" the break when running, there was no pain and it held up just fine- although I did adjust my gait to run heel-toe (gasp!) Finished the 3 mile run in 21:45 (7:15/mi), and although it's not my best time, I really can't complain. Knocked out the 20 pull-ups, and then the 100 crunches in about 90 sec.  I took a few hours off and then did a 1 hr TT on the bike to get my hydration requirements. In one hour in 85 deg heat I covered a little over 20 miles in hilly Quantico, and lost a total of 3.5 lbs through sweating (need to do the calculations and take into account the sodium in my eGels to get a better grasp on my fueling strategy). And with that... back to work!


  1. Yes, we missed you. Great job on the run especially considering you are not doing any run training.

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  3. Had a typo. Great job on the run Mike! Who needs to run anyway inorder to run fast? Certainly not you.