Friday, May 21, 2010

Even Moose doesn't like being up this early

Fridays are rough. I attend a seminar on Thurs night, and then have a standing meeting Fri morning at 8am which I can only prep for the morning of, because I have to leave early Thurs to make it to the seminar on time. So... fast forward to 4:59am this morning as I was standing outside the door waiting for the gym to open to get in workout #1. 21burpees, row 500m, 15 burpees, row 500m, 9 burpees, row 500m. The last 500m row my legs felt like jello. I assume this is a good thing. Finished in 7:59. At the office at 6:30, and all set for the meeting by 7:30 with a full 30 min to spare. I rock.

Ride tonight.